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Despite being the leading pay per click (PPC) network in the world, there are a few advertisers who are not entirely satisfied with the Adwords program and look for alternatives to Google Adwords. There might be any number of reasons why people search for alternatives despite having access to the very best that the market has to offer. Some of these reasons include factors such as the fact that Google Adwords is not being able to generate enough traffic to the particular website, Google Adwords falls out of the budgets and is more expensive that the website owners’ budgets allow or the fact that the terms and services of Google Adwords does not match the website niche. In all such cases, the best option is to choose among the best alternatives to Google Adwords and select a PPC network which offers services that suit the needs of the website in question perfectly.

The Yahoo Bing Network

Yahoo is the other major search engine apart from Google. Apart from the Yahoo and Bing search engines, advertisers can also get access to partner sites such as Amazon, the Wall Street Journal Digital Network and Facebook. According to reports, the Yahoo Bing Network enjoyed a market share of about 30% of the online search engine shares in the US alone. One of the biggest advantages that advertisers have when choosing the Yahoo Bing Network instead of Google Adwords is the excellent service – real people, absence of automated replies and a personal touch in solving all your problems. As a result, the network is immensely popular despite the traffic being lower than Google Adwords due to the simple fact that the traffic is of an extremely high quality.

Facebook Ads

With more than one billion people on Facebook, you could not find a better way to promote your products. There are thousands of brands around the world that have mastered the world of Facebook advertising and have actually managed to transform their public image and popularity with the help of the Facebook ad program. The biggest advantage of using Facebook is that it is extremely easy to reach your target audience that can be filtered by age, geographical locations, education status, marital status, interests, hobbies, etc. What advertisers need to do is bid for their ad to be displayed to a target group of people, choose their budgets and decide whether they want their ad campaigns to be CPM or CPC.

Buy Sell Ads

Buy Sell Ads is known to be one of the biggest networks in the world where advertisers can disseminate their banner ads effectively. With a turnabout of more than 6 billion ad impressions per month, the Buy Sell Ads provides users with an extremely transparent process, a user friendly marketplace that offers a choice of high quality sites and a variety of tech niches.

StumbleUpon Paid Discovery

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine which searches for and recommends content to its users. The site boasts of more than one million monthly visitors and has a unique Paid Discovery program which delivers your content to the targeted audience without having to use banner ads. Basically, the URL which leads to the content being promoted acts as the ad. One of the biggest advantages that StumbleUpon enjoys over Google Adwords is that users only need to pay for unique visitors who have been sent directly from the site to their URLs depending upon the customized and pre-decided budgets. As a result, there is no need for a minimum balance or minimum purchases.


Ad Roll is popular as one of the very best third party tools that have been officially approved by Facebook to provide access to FBX. The Ad Roll retargeting program also boasts of its own network and supports Google Adwords as well. However, the biggest USP of the Ad Roll program is the FBX.

Reddit Ads

Reddit is an extremely popular online community which generates more than 37 billion page views per year. It offers advertisers with self serve styled adverts that can be controlled by specific budgets and reach millions of people based on the audience parameters that have been set by the advertisers. Moreover, the advertisers can also use text, video and images in their Reddit ads. When promoting through Reddit, advertisers are also given the option of choosing from untargeted ads that run on the main page or topic specific ads which run on the topic specific communities. The promotions can start for as little as $20 per day and can go up to about $9999.99 per day.


DTNX.com acts as a direct traffic navigation platform which helps advertisers to get traffic from parked domains. Simply put, the system allows advertisers to divert viewers who type in the URL of a site that they once visited into their own websites. The concepts are actually quite simple. If the users type the URL of a site which is no longer active, they get diverted to the advertiser’s website. The biggest advantage of using DNTX.com is that it is far cheaper than Google Adwords and can be extremely beneficial if advertisers can find suitable EMD domains.


BidVertiser allows advertisers to create their own styles, dimensions and looks for their ads so that they can make their ads stand out from the rest and increase their conversion ratios. The biggest advantage that BidVertiser enjoys over most other networks is that it allows advertisers to divert customers to their eBay listings. Most of the other networks do not allow this practice.

7 Search

7 Search is known to the among the oldest second tier advertising networks (paid) which offers extremely economical solutions. The minimum deposit has been set at $25 and a decent test can be performed for all keywords using this deposit. However, the biggest disadvantages of 7 Search are that the traffic for long tail keywords is very little and the traffic it is of low quality.


Outbrain is a PPC program which publishes suggestions to viewers on popular websites such as GE, Time and CNN. The network focuses on small sized and medium sized businesses and offers suggestions depending on the articles that are being read by the readers. However, Outbrain only accepts quality content and it is up to them whether they recommend a particular URL to their readers as related articles or not.

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