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There are a number of site owners and bloggers who continually complain of low earnings while working with Google Adsense. Yes, the program which is known to pay the highest earnings to bloggers can also pay the lowest in some cases. If your website/ blog is among those which is not getting enough traffic, you might want to look into the reasons for the same. The most basic reason why your earnings might be lower is that your traffic might not be organic enough. However, if you continue to enjoy a healthy amount of traffic and still face the issue of inadequate earnings, you might be facing one of the problems mentioned below.

  1. Geography – Country has an extremely important role in the earnings of a website. If a website is enjoying traffic from the US, UK, Canada and other parts of the West, your earnings are bound to be higher. Similarly, you might also be offered more money for the same ad click for countries such as the US.
  2. Ad Size and Type – Another reason for inadequate earnings might be the ad sizes. A number of websites fail to display the ads properly which results in a lower click ratio. You might also be using only text or image based ads. The idea is to have a perfect balance of both. An improper ad placement might also lead to a lower rate. Remember, that the viewers are only likely to concentrate on the area around your content. Therefore, if you place your ads in sections of the page which fall out of the readable area, you are bound to receive an extremely low click rate.
  3. Site Niche – A number of websites change their niche from time to time. As a result, the website starts to differ from the advertiser’s niche over time and the ads become non relevant, thereby reducing the earnings. Even if your niche hasn’t changed, it might still impact your earnings by a great level. For example, a blog which focuses and concentrates on other bloggers is likely to receive an extremely low click rate since most bloggers are bound to ignore the ads placed in and around the content.  As a result, the CTR remains low for a long period of time which leads to Google dropping the CPC that ultimately results in lower earnings.
  4. Poor internal linking and improper site navigation – If your website has a poor navigation, it is likely to lower your earnings. Remember that the AdSense crawlers are quite similar to search engine crawlers when it comes to understanding the content on your blog/ website. Therefore, if you do not have decent internal linking processes, Adsense might fail to get the necessary information pertaining to the content on your blog/ website and show irrelevant ads in the process.


If your website is facing lower earnings despite solving all of the above mentioned problems, you might want to look at an alternative to Adsense or monetize your blog directly. However, in most cases, if Adsense is not working, the alternatives would fail to work as well. Therefore, you might just be better off by working directly with advertisers for fixed prices.

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