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Experimenting too much might be the surest way to make your website disappear into oblivion. However, when it comes to Google Adsense, the best way to boost your revenues is by way of experimenting. There are a number of experiments that can be conducted without having to go through a lot of hassles or changing the designs of your website. In order to find the optimal solution for your website and to increase your Adsense revenue through advertising without violating the Adsense policy, you need to venture out of your comfort zones and try out something different. Here is a list of experiments which can help boost your Adsense revenue by a huge margin. After-all, Who don’t want to have high adsense earning?

Increasing the readability of your website

One of the best ways to increase your Adsense revenues is by increasing the readability of your website. Remember that the lesser garbage you have on your website, the better your site’s readability is going to be. And with better readability and proper ad placements, you are bound to receive higher clicks per visit. The idea is to throw out the age old concepts of bombarding your webpages with information and images and use simple, visually stunning and easy to comprehend processes.

Moving the search bars into the Nav Bar

Most websites often overlook the placement of the Google Search Bar. Google allows you to place two search bars on each page and this placement is yet another revenue stream for you. A number of websites try to bury this search bar in their content or amidst their images. However, the best use of the search bar is when it is placed into the main Nav Bar itself – not only does it help to increase earnings, but it also improves the user experience of your website.

Using content which links within the website

Using content that links within your website can actually produce excellent results. You can  use tools such as URL shorteners and create compilations and collections of your own posts. For example, if you have a travel blog, you could create a compilation of the top sights in North America and include links to all your posts which offer insights of traveling in North America. This would mean that anyone who visits the page would have to visit another if they actually want to learn something. This would force your readers to visit another page, thereby increasing your ad impressions. However, this experiment only works if your links contain information which are compelling enough to make the reader visit another page.

Placing Ad units within the content

Many websites around the world separate the ads from their content by placing them in sidebars. However, if the layout of your website allows you to club your texts and advertisements, nothing could be better for your Adsense earnings. In fact, the best place to place relevant ads is next to the relevant content as that is an area which your readers simply cannot ignore.

Transform the 300×250 ads into 300×600 ads

Most websites offer ads that have a 300×250 size. However, you can increase your earnings by a great deal by simply increasing your 300×250 ads into 300×600 ads. This should help in providing your site with a higher click through rate when compared to the 300×250 ads simply because of the fact that the size helps to grab the reader’s attention better.

Displaying a proper mix of text ads and image ads

There are two types of ads which can be displayed while using Google Adsense – Text ads and Media ads. The difference between the two are pretty obvious and Google allows website owners to choose the type of ads that they want to display on their websites. Some site owners choose the text only ads while some choose the image only ads. However, we would urge you to choose both the text as well as the image  ads. The text based ads might help to generate more clicks, but the image ads help in delivering a superior performance. Therefore, you need to ensure that you maintain a healthy balance of both on your websites.

Ensuring proper ad placement

Ensuring the proper placement of your ads makes all the difference when it comes to the number of clicks that you receive. Remember, the more obvious your ad is, the more likely someone is to click it. The idea is to place your ads in multiple positions that the readers are likely to glance through without making them look too demanding or flashy. Make sure that you don’t put too many ads as it makes your website look bad in front of your visitors.

Changing the fonts and the colors

If you have paid heed to our suggestions and have decided to include text ads into your website, you can now spend some time experimenting with the fonts and the colour schemes that you wish to use for your website. Since each site is different, having a unique colour scheme can help the text ad to blend in with your regular text, thereby allowing it to offer much better results.

Ignoring the Leader board concept

Most websites still use the Leader board concepts to display the 728×90 ads at the very top of the page. However, we would urge you to ignore using the Leaderboard due to the simple fact that the Leader board hardly offers any value. Most visitors scroll to the centre of the page within moments of landing on your website, thereby making the Leader board disappear into oblivion. This is especially true for visitors who frequent your site and are familiar with its layout. Furthermore, your ads are likely to perform much better when they are located along with the content.

Narrowing the type of ads that appear on your website

Google does an excellent job of displaying ads that are most likely to generate the most clicks on your website by basing its displays on your content as well as the interests of your readers. However, you can take your revenue a notch further by further narrowing the types of ads that appear on your site. Remember, the higher the overlap between the ads and your content, the greater the CTR.

Thus, the key to increasing your Adsense revenue through advertising without violating the Adsense policy is experimentation. You need to try out the various experiments listed in this post and figure out which strategy works best for your website. The final strategy might be a combination of a number of suggestions or might be something else entirely. However, you are only likely to understand what works best once you start to experiment.

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