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Believe it or not, Google Advertising is the best way to generate traffic related to your content, niche or products. A website is not perfect until it is being visited by relevant audience. You can rely on many options but none of them works efficiently as Google Adwords does.  Advertising with Google is not expensive but you need to follow some proven guidelines for better return on investment.

So far, you have optimized site for keywords, may be have generated some backlinks or promoted through emails. But you know what? Advertising with Google makes it super easy to get on first page or direct under attention to users. Conventional method to promote website and get higher rank on search is depended on many factors and require time. Although, ranking on Google is essential but we believe, quick response is always wonderful from ads.

What Google offer is to display advertise through their search network and display network known as Adsense. You will require to find keywords that is profitable to you or you believe that is what your users should searching to collect products / information or service like yours. Google also helps here with keyword tool where similar keywords can be identified. Apart from keywords, few more factors you should keep in mind which are, Geographic location, Ad display timings, Maximum payout per click and other things which we will read on this article.

Keep in mind, Google Adwords is for you if… 

  • You’re looking for traffic for your site from specific location or for keywords.
  • You want to promote your product, services or gain higher ranking on Google Search.
  • You know your audience and want to get more traffic from other sites too.
  • You want to extend your reach or boost sale.
  • Your site is new and you don’t want to wait forever to start getting traffic.
  • Your site is not good in Google search and still you need audience

Google Adwords is not for you, if…

  • You want to promote illegal service, product or information such as porn, drugs, weapons or other sort of hacking related things.
  • You want to insult, discredit or dishonor competitors site/service.
  • You want to receive traffic with just for the reason to earn by getting more click on Ads in site.
  • Your  site is not functional, contains mal-ware or other privacy-breaching codes.

How to start advertising on Google?

Applying Google Adwords is easy. You have to submit your personal details and company details. You will be able to access almost immediately after registration. Google also allows you to create campaigns without adding fund but will not let start until payment is done. All options are accessible on account with “Zero Balance”and it is extremely convenient to experiment as per your requirement. You can limit your budget in both way, either by setting a specific per day limit or by paying amount you would like to advertise for.

How to pay at Google Adwords?

Payment options are different according to country you apply from. Though, Net banking , Credit card options are available in most countries. Also for bigger financial institutes, it is allowed to pay using cheque or demand draft. Payment option is available in right side of screen. Check picture below,


Here are a few things, which can help you to practice better online advertising through Google.

Ad campaigns for blogs and services mostly drive traffic from search network where google and partnered search engines display ads on a particular keyword  and that is believed to play a major role in any campaigning. While display network is somewhat referring method that google use to place your ads on publishers blog. Most likely display network ads are from blogs due to nature of content and driving traffic of blogs and forums. ECommerce services are not likely to put ads on their sites.  Another thing is if you want to answer clients by phone or not, Call Extension will allow you to put a phone number on ads which are displayed on Tablets / Mobile devices and likely to offer easy communication option with potential customers. If your site is offering local products, services or information, it is available for location / maps based advertising on Google channel.

There are plenty of other features that can help you to drive better audience. We will discus on how to improve campaigns by testing small changes.

Checkout some cool options which are available for advertisers…


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